Finding calm before my due date

Today is October 1, marking the last full month I’ll be pregnant with my baby girl. So many emotions and thoughts. I’ve been a fully independent, carefree woman for over 30 years. What and how will life change with this new addition? I am so excited to be a mom, and I think wholly unprepared.

I’ve been trying to find some calm in these last few weeks before my due date. I think that this mindset has really helped me to stay grounded and not get anxious about the upcoming fear of birth. This looks a lot like long walks in nature, meditation, and yoga at night.

There’s been a lot to be stressed about, but I’ve been trying to handle everything with as much grace and patience as possible. I’m almost done with grad school to be an occupational therapist, I only have one more semester left. But that stresses me out too since I will be completing my last clinical rotation with a newborn but its okay, we’re dealing with the here and now. Those are the problems I’m going to be nervous about when the time comes.

So here we are, almost done with grad school, almost done building a house, almost a mom. I have no idea what the next season in life will be like, but I plan to meet it with an open mind and open heart. Cheers to the last full month.

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