Wellness. What is wellness to you? The definition of wellness is vague and all-encompassing to include aspects of your life such as mental, physical, social, and emotional concepts. Wellness to me means living holistically, listening to my body, paying attention to my feelings and surrounding myself with people who uplift and support me and all my crazy endeavors. On this page you will find my personal anecdotes and tips for what wellness brings me, and maybe you might find them helpful as well.

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Nature Therapy – Relieve stress and reset

I grew up wanting to be surrounded by nature as much as possible. I never grew out of that. Nature has been my sanctuary, my go-to for times of uncertainty and struggle. Somehow I always find the right answer among the trees and the flowers. As I’ve been walking lately with my daughter beginning to…

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Creating a Morning Routine

My husband said to me this morning “If I don’t’ have anything planned for the day, I could definitely sleep until noon”. As his wife, I know he could absolutely do just that. Here’s not to say that some extra sleep sounds amazing, it always does, but getting up and out and doing something with…

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